Artist statement

artist statement21600 respirations in 24 hoursAyurveda in Sri Lanka, cleaning toilets in Australia, perfect makeup and red fingernails in business class to New York, dressed as an Indian married woman when crossing India by train in third class.The contrast in life and nature fascinates me. When exposed to unfamiliar circumstances, my mind is challenged to open, I feel alive.The same feeling I get when I work with glass. The creativeness transforms and materializes in art objects.As in life, the contrasts are key in my objects. Glass as a material gives space to highlight contrasts, the clear meet the coarse, it is hot, it is cold, it is soft, it is sharp.The optical qualities of glass, gives the viewer a three dimensional visual experience when viewing the work from all angles.I want to kindle the imagination of the viewer and create an idle flow of associations. By this, encourage the viewer to interact with my objects.Even though the journey ends for me in the form of my final piece, I hope it will continue with the viewer. Thank you for visiting my website.